Tile Size in (mm) 457x457
Tile Finish
Semi Polished
Tile Thickness in (mm) 12mm 

Color Family
Beige / Cream 
Tile Use
Floor, Wall, Hallway, Kitchen ,Living Room 
Marble Tiles Brand Marfil



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Royal Marfil Marble Tile

We are offering royal marfil polished finish marble floor and wall tiles 

Tile Size : 457x457mm

Tile Thickness : 12mm 

 Finish: Polished

If you would like to choose a subtle marble option for your home that will complement almost any color and style, then Royal Marfil marble could be the right option.

This marble includes a soft cream colored background with very subtle marbling in a darker yellowish tan shade. The result is an elegant and natural stone that will complement any type of home décor option, including traditional or modern.

When you choose Royal Marfil marble, you will find that you have endless options for color combinations throughout the décor in your home. The marble itself is warm in tone, so it will be most visually pleasing with warm toned finishes.

Be sure to consider gold or brass hardware to complement the marble the best. Royal Marfil marble is a very versatile choice to be used throughout your home. In the bathroom, the tile could look visually pleasing as countertops, flooring, baths and showers. In the kitchen, the tile could be used for countertops, backsplashes and flooring.

When used as a mosaic, the marble will work well with many other shades and textures. If you choose Royal Marfil marble, there are a few things to remember. This is a light marble so it is best to use a lighter grout so that you can avoid staining.

Additionally, the marble is not the best suited for high traffic areas. Remember that Royal Marfil marble is all natural and the veining will vary from one piece to the next.

Each piece of marble will have its own unique look that will flow well all together in your home.





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