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How Keep Natural Stone Tile Maintenanced

How Keep Natural Stone Tile Maintenanced | intmarble.com

International Marble |

This is why you need to make sure you know how to maintain the flooring so that it will continue to looks its best for many years to come. In the information below, you will find how to floor care, how to wall care as well as how to tile care and how to mosaic tile care. With this information, you can properly care for your natural stone.

How to Floor Options for Natural Stone Maintenance

In order to maintain the natural stone, you need to care for it properly. There are two different categories for maintenance on the flooring. The first category is daily care and the second would be the periodic maintenance that you will need to do. Daily care for your natural stone tile flooring is quite simple. You will need to sweep the floors regularly. You can use a vacuum; however, it is best not to since vacuums can easily scratch the tile.

Dry mops are a good way to maintain the tile on a daily basis as well. Be sure to always wipe up any excess water or liquids as soon as possible in order to avoid any staining to the stone. As far as periodic care for your natural stone, you will need to use a cleaner used for natural stone and then mop carefully, but hand dry afterward. If the grout on your stone tile becomes discolored, then you will also need to use a cleaner designed just for grout. This should be done periodically just to keep the grout looking new and fresh.

Avoiding Scratches and Stains on Natural Stone Natural stone can get scratched or stained if not properly taken care of. To avoid this happening, you should always use a sealer. This will keep most stains out while protecting the stone from scratches. Other tips for avoiding scratches and stains on natural stone include the following:

  •  Always wipe up spills immediately and do not leave liquids standing.
  •  Keep the floors swept and clear of debris.
  •  Use coasters or trivets to protect the stone from hot or extremely cold items.
  •  Do not use abrasive cleaners unless the natural stone you have is polished marble.

If you take care of your natural stone tile and flooring, then you can keep it looking new for many years to come. When cared for properly, the stone will last much longer than any other material you could choose. Know When to Get Technical Advice If you are new to having natural stone in your home, then there may be times when you have questions.

Instead of trying to deal with the stone care on your own, you should know when to get technical support. If you are in a situation that could damage your natural stone and you are not sure what to do, then get professional advice from International Marble by calling 02-8417- 62221.

Natural stone flooring, tiling and countertops can be quite beautiful, stylish and durable. However, it is important that you take proper care of the stone to avoid any damage, scratches or staining. If you do care for the natural stone properly, it will last for a very long time.