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The Popularity of Marble Mosaic

The Popularity of Marble Mosaic | intmarble.com

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The Popularity of Marble Mosaic

It seems that in the 21st century, there has been a trend back to natural stone tiles for flooring, counters and other types of home décor. In fact, in the most modern and upper scale homes, you will find a great deal of marble, travertine and marble mosaic used throughout the spaces. Marble mosaic tile has become specifically popular in the recent decades. Perhaps this has to do with the versatility of the tile and the natural colors it includes. Perhaps it is simply that people want something different now. No matter the reason, marble mosaic is more popular now than ever.

In the Modern Age

Marble mosaic tile is more prevalent in modern times because of advances in making it. The tile is kept natural and no dyeing is used to create the rich colors. Instead, the pieces of marble are cut into small squares or rectangles. Then, they are connected together to create different sizes and shapes of tile. Because different colors of marble can be included, these tiles can add much more visual interest than other types of tiling.

In the modern age, it is important to tie together the parts of home décor to keep one flowing look. Sometimes, it can be hard to work certain colors into the room and keep everything cohesive. However, the marble mosaic tiles make this much easier. A person can easily choose a mosaic with all the colors they wish to use in the room so that everything is drawn together. Because of this, there has been a constant rise in popularity of this type of tile and it is one of the favored choices today.

How it is Important for Contractors

Contractors should always be aware of what is most popular for homes and home décor. If they are not aware of what the customers want, it can be very hard to sell newly built homes. While it may be easier to choose the lowest cost options, this could be a very big mistake. As mentioned, marble tile and marble mosaic are the most popular options for attractive looking countertops, backsplashes, flooring, tiled showers, tubs and fireplaces. For contractors, it is a must to consider what the customer wants.

In addition, because marble is considered stylish and decadent, using these tiles can add a great deal of value to a home. When possible buyers view a new home and they see a stylish marble mosaic backsplash, they will be impressed.

Using Marble Mosaic in New Builds

Of course, there are numerous ways to use marble mosaic tile in new home builds. It is important to use it only as an accent so that you do not create a space that is overwhelmingly busy. Since the home is a new build, it is quite easy to incorporate marble mosaic tile from the beginning. Some uses in a new home build would include as the backsplash in the kitchen to accent the countertops, to tile in a shower or oversized bathtub in the bathroom, to create visual interest in a foyer, or to create a modern stylish fireplace. It is important that contractors find ways to incorporate marble mosaic and marble tile into new builds since it is one of the most popular materials to be used in homes today.

The trend has certainly gone back to using natural stone to create the décor in certain areas of the home. The popularity of the marble mosaic tile has certainly increased in the past few years. For that reason, it is important that contractors choose to use these tiles in homes in order to make the homes more sellable to potential buyers.