That's right! International Marble was founded in 2006 with the goal of making better living spaces. They believed in not only creating better homes, but also in providing a better way of doing things. They wanted to offer a new kind of floor and wall covering that worked hand in hand with personal service to help customers achieve their decorating dreams.

  1. International Marble was founded in 2006 with the goal of creating better living spaces.

  2. The company's founders believed that they could offer a better way of doing things when it comes to floor and wall coverings.

  3. The focus was not just on improving homes, but on creating a better overall experience for customers.

  4. By providing exceptional products and personalized customer service, International Marble has established itself as a prime dealer in the highest quality natural stone tiles and slabs.

  5. The company is committed to understanding the individual tastes and preferences of its customers and working with them to fulfill their decorating dreams.

  6. With a wide and varied selection of natural stone products from around the globe, International Marble can help customers create beautiful and unique living spaces.

  7. As a family-owned business located in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, International Marble takes pride in providing professional and courteous customer service to its local community and beyond.

  8. By offering quality natural stone tiles and slabs, International Marble helps customers create spaces that are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.

International Marble offers a wide selection of beautiful and high-quality natural stone tiles from around the globe, including marble tiles. These tiles are perfect for use in various areas of the home, including bathrooms, kitchens, and conservatories. The company's commitment to excellence ensures that customers receive only the best products for their decorating needs.

This statement highlights the use of marble tiles from around the globe to create something amazing and beautiful in various spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and conservatories. It suggests that International Marble offers a wide range of high-quality marble tiles sourced from different parts of the world to cater to the unique tastes and preferences of their customers. The use of marble tiles can enhance the aesthetic appeal of these spaces and create a luxurious and elegant ambiance

This point highlights the commitment of International Marble to provide excellent products and services to its customers. The company ensures a wide selection of natural stone products that cater to individual preferences and tastes. Additionally, International Marble is willing to work with its customers to customize products according to their needs and provide professional and courteous customer service.


Terrazzo Flooring

Complate Project

Before beginning the installation process, it is important to ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free from any debris. The subfloor should be level and free of any cracks or imperfections that could affect the final result.

The first step in the installation process is to apply a bonding agent to the subfloor. This will help to create a strong bond between the subfloor and the terrazzo mix.

Next, the terrazzo mix is poured onto the subfloor and spread out evenly using a trowel. This mix is typically made up of marble or granite chips, mixed with a cement or epoxy binder. Once the mix is spread out, it is allowed to cure for several days.

After the mix has cured, the surface is ground down using a series of diamond abrasives. This process helps to create a smooth and level surface and also exposes the decorative chips in the mix.

Once the surface has been ground down to the desired level, it is polished using a series of finer diamond abrasives. This process helps to bring out the shine in the terrazzo and creates a smooth and glossy surface.

Finally, any cracks or imperfections in the surface are filled in using a matching epoxy or cement filler.

Overall, the installation of terrazzo flooring is a complex and time-consuming process that requires the skills and experience of a professional flooring contractor. It is important to choose a reputable contractor who has experience with terrazzo flooring to ensure the best results.


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Rossa Levanta Marble

Fitzwilliam Complate Project

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Carrara T Marble Tile

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Rossa Levanta Marble

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