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Marble Mosaic

Marble Mosaic | intmarble.com

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The Facts about Marble Mosaic

When you first look at marble mosaic, your first impression would be that it was somehow manufactured to include the unique colors and designs that you will see. However, this mosaic is just as natural as a whole marble slab that you may choose for flooring or countertops. Marble mosaic is made from natural marble and it goes through a specific process to create the unique tiled look that you will see in the stone. If you are looking for the perfect option for certain spaces in your home, then you may find that you should choose marble mosaic. However, before you choose it, you need to know what it is, how it is created and how it could be used in your home.

How Marble Mosaic is Manufactured

You will definitely know marble mosaic when you see it. Instead of being one large slab of the natural stone, this mosaic will include small cut tiles that are pieced together to create a puzzle like pattern. Since different colors of marble can be used in the mosaic, it can add a great deal of visual interest.

Just how is marble mosaic manufactured? The first thing you should know is that the marble is not chemically enhanced or dyed in any way. Instead, the stone used is all natural in color. The only manufacturing that will go into creating the mosaic will be cutting the marble into very small squares. The size of the squares can vary and sometimes, they may be rectangles for more interesting shapes. Then, specialty mortar or glue is used to connect the pieces together to create one tile.

How Long it Takes to Create Natural Stone Mosaic

You must be wondering how long it will take in order to manufacture marble mosaic. Actually, it does not take that long once patterns are created. Tools are used to cut the smaller pieces of different types of marble and then the patterns can be laid out and connected. Of course, since no two pieces of marble are the same, each mosaic will have its own unique look. When used in a home, it can be stylish, attractive and eye catching.

Uses for Natural Stone Mosaic in Your Home

Now that you know a little more about the origins and manufacturing of marble mosaic, you must be wondering how it could be used in your home. The key to using this mosaic tile will be to use it sparingly so that it can add visual interest without being too busy or overwhelming. Great uses for marble mosaic in the home can include creating unique backsplashes along the countertop walls in the kitchen. Other areas of the kitchen could be decorated with mosaic like accent walls or space around the sink. In the bathroom, the marble mosaic is perfect for tiling showers, around tubs and around sinks. Again, it looks best if it is intermingled with solid marble so that it is not too busy.

Finally, consider marble mosaic in other rooms. Often, people prefer this visually interesting tile to create a modern, new look for the fireplace. In truth, your uses of marble mosaic all depend on your personal preference.

When you choose to shop for mosaic at International Marble, you will have another great advantage. You will be able to choose mosaic tiles that include natural marble from quarries around the world. Your mosaic tiles can be unique to your own home, including qualities that will not be found elsewhere. Marble mosaic is completely natural and dye free. The colors you see are only from the natural colors of the stone so that you can enjoy the stylish and natural look that it offers.