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Marble Tiles

White Emperador Polished Marble Tiles 305x610x12mm
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White Emperador Polished Marble Tiles 305x610x12mm

£88.00  £119.00

White Emperador Honed Marble
local_offer Save £31.00

White Emperador Honed Marble Tiles 305x610x12mm

£88.00  £119.00

Calacatta Violetta Monet Honed Marble Tiles 305x610x10mm


Calacatta Violetta Monet Polished Marble Tiles 305x610x10mm


Palisandro Subway Polished Marble Tile 100x610x12mm


Rossa Verona Polished Italian Marble Tile 400x400x10mm


Palissandro Bluette Extra Honed Italian Marble Tiles 457x910x12mm


Bardiglio Polished Italian Marble Tiles 457x910x10mm


Jura Limestone Semi Polished Marble Tile 600x900 - 20-22mm


Crema Marfil Polished Marble Tile 900x900x20mm


Silver Ash L'Antic Honed Marble Tile 300x900x12mm


Silver Ash L'Antic Honed Marble Tile 400x800x15mm


Haise Black L'Antic Honed Marble Tile 400x800x15mm


Crema Marfil L'Antic Honed Marble Tile 400x800x15mm


Calacatta Amber L'Antic Honed Marble Tile 400x800x15mm


Snow White Flagstone Antico Marble Tile


Marble Tiles FAQ

infoFrequently Asked Questions

Artists and architects use marble to make a statement that will last forever. Give your home a timeless and elegant look with marble. With so many styles to choose from, you'll appreciate the versatility and uniqueness of marble.

Classic Elegance of Marble Flooring

Marble adds refined elegance to interiors and offers endless design possibilities. It's also easy to clean, making it a practical and attractive addition to almost any room.

Benefits of Marble Flooring

Marble tile has a beautiful appearance that could be just what you need to finish your next home improvement project. What are the other benefits of choosing marble?

Durability: Marble is ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, as it can withstand continuous use. Explaining the durability of marble is as simple as referring to the solid marble floors found in ancient ruins. These floors can literally stand the test of time.
Cleaning: Carpets trap allergens and stain easily. Marble does not hold allergies and does not contribute to respiratory problems of people in the house. Marble is resistant to fungus and mold. Cleaning is as easy as running a dust mop on the floor surface or using a stone specific floor cleaner.

Increased Home Value: Marble offers an elegant, premium look that appeals to home buyers. It can increase the resale value of a home.
Versatility: Marble tile is used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and elsewhere in the house. Marble offers unlimited design options to create stylish rooms. There are many styles to choose from, including Italian Bianco Carrara, Turkish Cappuccino, and Crema Marfil from Spain.
A great choice: Carrara

Carrara marble provides a rich and elegant look that is hard to beat.

A popular choice for floor tiles and countertops, Carrara has an aesthetically pleasing shade of white or grayish blue.

The tile is named for the Italian city that produced it.

It was traditionally used in European sculptures and structures before becoming popular around the world.

Today's homeowners appreciate Carrara and other types of marble tiles for their color and durability.

Carrara marble is particularly favored for its veining, which gives it an artistic flair and has the advantage of camouflaging any wear and tear that the tiles can withstand.

As an added bonus, marble flooring can help keep a home cooler during the warmer months of the year.

The polished look of marble blends well with classic or modern decor, adding a refined quality to any room.

Minute, crack-like patterns are a normal feature of marble. Sealing your marble flooring will help ensure it is resistant to foot traffic and moisture.

What is otherwise called veining is caused by different minerals trapped in the stone for millions of years; this explains the swirling patterns of color that give marble its character.

Marble tiles samples are a great way to tell if the marble you're interested in is really what you're looking for.

Since there will always be differences with this natural stone in terms of both color and surface pattern, an example should only be considered in the broadest sense.

This means that the colors you see in your sample are a very general guide to what the marble in your order will look like.

Another example gives an idea of ​​textures, weight and durability before purchasing. In this case, ordering samples is always a great idea.

If samples are available for the product you are interested in, you can request samples directly from our website. We'll send you up to 4 free samples with £5 delivery charge.

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when a carbonate rock (limestone or dolostone) is exposed to high temperatures and intense pressure.

The heat and pressure cause the original carbonate mineral grains to recrystallize and form a denser rock.

The characteristic eddies and veins found in marble are usually caused by various mineral impurities (clay, sand, silt, iron oxides or chert) originally found in limestone as grains or layers.

Marble is a stunning choice that can add character to any part of your home.

As a stylish flooring option, it fits well in the hallway, kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

You can use marble for a backsplash or countertop, but beware of the potential for staining, especially if it comes in contact with acidic substances.

Marble is also suitable for many commercial spaces and can even be installed outdoors in milder climates.

We offer marble tiles in a wide selection of sizes, mosaic, waterjet, slabs from large format squares to designed mosaics.

For floor & wall tile, you we offer these sizes: 300 x 300, 300 x 600, 600 x 600, 457 x 457, 800 x 800, 600 x 1200mm in millimeters we offer flowing thickness 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, and custom sizes on request .

With proper care, marble is a very durable choice that will look great for years.

To fill the pores of the marble, you need to cover the surface with an impregnation agent. This will protect the stone from stains and moisture absorption.

Depending on the level of traffic in your home, you may need to recoat every 2 to 3 years. Acidic substances such as juice, soda or vinegar will discolor marble, so you need to wipe up any spills immediately to preserve its appearance.

Marble is also susceptible to metal corrosion.

Marble is a porous material, sealing is highly recommended as any liquid in contact with the surface tends to penetrate the stone body. This can cause discoloration and staining.

Sealing the marble can help ensure that the materials remain on the surface of the marble until it is cleaned. This is the best way to preserve the marble's original appearance for as long as possible.

Talk to an expert about which sealant to use and how often to reseal the marble. As always, read the labels on the products you plan to use, take the necessary safety precautions, and follow the instructions carefully.

Marble tiles must be properly sized with perfectly square corners and calibrated to have a flat back.

It is important to understand that these tiles have natural shade variations throughout. This will give your project a distinctive look that no one else can replicate.

Ask your installer to lay the tiles before installing them so you can adjust their placement as needed to get the pattern and look you're looking for.

Regularly remove dirt, sand and other materials tracked outside.

These materials can cause small scratches on the marble's surface, which can become more noticeable over time. Clean the surface with a damp cloth, soft broom or vacuum frequently.

Spills should be cleaned up immediately, especially if they are acidic in nature. Fruit juice, coffee and red wine are particularly problematic because of their tendency to stain. Even if your marble is sealed, it's best not to take any chances.

Also, do not clean with bleach, vinegar, or strong acidic cleaners, as these will degrade the marble's surface over time.


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