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Worldwide Marble Options Give You Stylish Choices for Your Home

Worldwide Marble Options Give You Stylish Choices for Your Home | intmarble.com

International Marble |

Worldwide Marble Options Give You Stylish Choices for Your Home

When you start considering marble for your home flooring, keep in mind that you have numerous options from which you can pick. The most amazing thing about naturally occurring marble is that each piece looks different. In addition, different parts of the world provide marble that is totally unique to that area. This means that you can choose marble tile that is truly unique and different. No one else you know will have the same marble. The best part is that you are not limited to just material from your country. Instead, you can choose from the lovely and attractive marble tiles mined from locations all over the world. When you begin shopping for marble, consider some of these stylish and lovely options.

Emperador Dark Brown Spanish Marble

It seems that choosing a darker marble could limit you in your options if you have not been shopping in the right place. This is why International Marble will give you access to Emperador Dark Brown Spanish Marble. This marble is quite unique in its coloring. This marble comes from a particular location in Spain called Novelda. While each piece is different, there are certain things that you can expect from these rich brown pieces. The marble includes a dark, chocolate brown color along with white and clear crystal veining. Some pieces will include much more of the crystal while others are almost totally brown. The color of Emperador Dark Brown Spanish Marble is rich, deep and classically stylish for any room.

Crema Marfil Bej Spanish Marble

Another lovely option hailing from Spain would be the Crema Marfil Bej Spanish Marble. These pieces have a classic look of soft whites, crèmes and beiges. When you want a look that will brighten any room, this could be the option for you. Featuring a light crème colored finish along with soft beige veining, the Crema Marfil Bej Spanish Marble is pleasing to the eye and soft enough to not be drastic or distracting.

Red Rosa Lavanta Turkish Marble

Now, moving across the world to Turkey, there is the Red Rosa Lavanta Turkish Marble to consider. This marble is rich in color and is sure to add eye-catching detail to any room. The marble includes a dark reddish brown cast to the main coloring with darker and lighter shades mixed in. The Red Rosa Lavanta Turkish Marble is all about drama for any room in which you want to incorporate rich colors. This is a dark marble and is perfect for larger rooms.

Carrara White Italian Marble

Have you considered the classic look of pure white marble for your home? There is something so classic, so decadent and so stylish about white marble, and the best of these marbles to consider would be the ones that come from Italy like the Carrara White Italian Marble. Perfect for a classic or a modern look, the marble features pure white shades with gray or silver veining. Tumbled to a high polish, the Carrara White Italian Marble can bring style to any room whether you choose to tile the whole floor or create mosaic art with it.

When you choose marble for your home flooring, you will find that you are choosing flooring that is easy to care for and stylish no matter what. Choosing marble means you will need to pick from the many diverse options available. There are different types of marble quarried in different locations throughout the world and you should not be limited in your choices just because of where you live. Instead, you can choose to shop with International Marble, and you will have access to the beautiful types mentioned above as well as many more worldwide pieces.