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  • Pallet Deliveries:
    1. Kerbside service deliveries will arrive by a third-party courier on a pallet and will be delivered to the nearest accessible location your home or business.
    2. Deliveries will be on 7.5-tonne lorry, therefore if your property has restricted access please let us know at the time of ordering via the delivery restrictions comments box. This may incur an additional charge.
    3. Hazards or obstructions e.g. steps, lifts, uneven or gravel paths/driveways may necessitate the delivery being made to an alternative location nearest to the delivery vehicle.
    4. Goods will not be broken down or discharged by the driver. Take caution when removing all packaging to avoid damages and injury. Please assess the weight of the boxes as tiles can be heavy, precautions may need to be made.
    5. Orders placed before 1pm are available for some day dispatch 2 working day delivery*
    6. Pallet orders require a signature upon delivery.
    7. We also offer a premium Saturday service that can be selected at the checkout for an additional fee.
    8. Once an order has been dispatched from our warehouse and is in the care of the courier, you will 


    FAQ General

    Yes you are welcome to collect your order as long as you ensure you have advised a collection date in order that your order be processed and packed up ready for you to inspect and collect. Also we have to insist that all monies are paid and cleared before goods are collected.

    Would the delivery company deliver my goods to anywhere I require like inside my property? No our delivery company only delivers Kerb side and driver is only responsible for kerbside delivery.?

    You can specify an exact delivery date but this would incur additional costs as this would not be standard delivery. You can contact the delivery company who will advise when your delivery is going to be delivered?

    Yes, we have a showroom based in 67 Newcastle Street, Kilkeel, Co Down, BT34 4AQ and our products are displayed for our customers to view true life before purchasing to ensure colour and quality the main attributes everyone wishes to confirm before purchasing.

    We can install our products we are supplying in Ireland and Northern Ireland only at additional costs which you can ask for a no obligation quote?

    What is Natural Stone

    Natural Stone is not manufactured; it is a product of nature. Blocks are removed from the quarry, slabs are cut from these blocks, and the slabs are further fabricated into the final stone to be installed. Each block is different; each slab is different. Skilful blending or matching of the dimension stone blocks, veneer panels, tops, etc., results in a beautiful blending of nature’s variety and man’s design. In contrast to the uniformity of materials produced by machine or assembly line, stone’s naturally varied appearance has wonderful character. “Uniformity of material,” when applied to natural stone, is a term of relative value that needs to be understood when making a selection.?

    Limestone is a sedimentary stone with at least 50% calcite or calcium carbonate content. Almost all limestone is composed of grains or fragments of biologic origin, ranging from fossils to dinosaur bones. Most limestone is marine in origin, composed of micro-sized fossils of marine organisms like the shells found on most beaches. It is very common to find pieces of shells in limestone tiles...

    Travertine is a calcium-based stone. Travertine is generated by the deposit of calcium carbonate resulting from water springs and streams running through the stone. Every time a drop in pressure or change of temperature occurs, the water releases carbon dioxide as gas, much like carbonated beverages. This gas causes holes to form in the travertine. These natural pores are still going to be present once the blocks are cut into tiles. The amount of holes depends by how compact each travertine type is and it varies greatly by the type of travertine. The pores present in the tiles can be filled with a paste made of cement and pigments. However, it is important to note that these void spaces are a distinctive character of travertine tiles and they are always going to be present to a certain extent?

    Natural Stone Surfaces

    A weathered, aging finish achieved when the stone is tumbled with sand, pebbles, or steel bearings. Tumbled stone may present chipped edges and imperfections created by the tumbling process. These characteristics give the stone more of a worn, old look.?